Monday, December 11, 2017

Christmas Carols Everywhere

Molly walked into the kitchen the other day. "Noodles," she said, "Doncha just LOVE this time of year?
Well. I said, I certainly agree . . . but WHY in particular ARE you declaring this?
"Easy," said Molly. "Because everywhere you turn you hear Christmas music - and it is usually such HAPPY music. For example . . ." 

Oh, jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a one horse open sleigh
Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a one horse open sleigh

I see your point, I said. I find many of the holiday tunes to be very fun and happy. I agree on your point.

With that I decided to sing a favorite Christmas tune

Sleigh bells ring 
Are you listening 
In the lane 
Snow is glistening 
A beautiful sight 
We're happy tonight 
Walking in a winter wonderland 

Oh GOSH! I said to Molly. I am feeling very very festive right now. What should we do? 

"Well," Molly said with a twinkle in her eye. "I am thinking we could try and do something very very exciting. . ."

Friday, December 8, 2017

Sabotage - Pug Style

Yes. I HAVE used this photo a number of times

I am the MISTRESS of sabotage. I have spent eight years honing my craft and today I can honestly say that I have totally ROCKED IT!

See. . . Mommy gets up very early every morning. Yes, she does so at MY prodding so I can get in on an early morning brekkie (breakfast). I make it virtually impossible for her to stay in bed past 6:30 am no matter what time she went to bed. Once I am done eating (like in .002 seconds after I start), I return to BED. Lucky for me I have beds in virtually every corner of the house (usually filled by Sunshine the Cat or Molly the Bed Hog - but they are not up this early). Mommy, on the other hand, is up and running with little to no chance of returning to the warm confines of her bed. 

Am I remorseful? Not a chance.

This was my latest SABOTAGE mission

Note the positioning - right on her LAP. Molly helped by snuggling really really close and restricting Mommy's movement. The trick to this move is to start SNORING as soon as possible. This makes Mommy feel guilty should she need to get up and "Disturb" us. We are not really asleep as is evidenced in our dashing into the kitchen should anyone enter in there. BUT until that happens, Mommy is my captive. 

This morning (when the photo happened) we managed to delay Mommy's getting ready and going to work by a FULL TWO HOURS! In the meantime, we were aided by the appearance of Zac Efron and Ed Sheeran on the Today show. If I could read, you would swear I planned it.

Do any of you sabotage your humans into doing YOUR bidding rather than their own?

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Pre-View of My Review and a Day of Holiday Cheer #chewyinfluencer

'Tis the season to be JOLLY
..................................Especially on days like TUESDAY when I had the best time ANSWERING the door. WHY, you ask all innocently like? Well gather 'round my children and I will tell you the TALE. The Tale of the PACKAGE ARRIVAL day.

It was a day like no other I can remember in my WHOLE 8 years. It was a day of NON-Stop Christmas joy.

This was the view outside of Casa de Noodles

Close your eyes and just imagine what it was like to have the doorbell ringing CONSTANTLY and Molly yapping incessantly. Then, in your mind's eye, see package after package rolling in making the SEASON BRIGHT!!! By evening the packages lined the wall in the foyer (that's Mommy #2's fancy word for ENTRYWAY) and rose to almost 100 feet tall (editor's note - they were only 2 high and the foyer is less than 7 feet wide)!!!!

Admittedly, it was INSANE. A WALL of packages! Non-stop action at the door!

And that is the Tale of Package Arrival Day. Riveting, huh? 

Not ALL of it was for me, though. In fact, only ONE TRUCK in the sea of trucks concerned me. You can see it looming LARGE in the background.


You all know I love They are the best in terms of product availability and customer service. Not to mention the variety of foods, vanity items, and variety of all manner of pet needs. I could go on and on singing their praises. That is why I became a Chewy Influencer way back when I was a wee pup.

This is only a partial SORTA review because I just got the item in question on Tuesday. But I wanted you to see my initial reaction and we can build from there.

This is THE BAG that I am reviewing. It is a Gen7Pets Carry-me Sleeper bag and carries it in 2 colors. I chose the ever chic Heather NAVY. I tend to go for less gender specific accessories because. . . well no reason, actually. I just do. My harnesses tend to be black and my leash is green. Non-specific. This blue is not really gender specific but I think it is less manly than the Heather Gray. It is, as I said, CHIC.

The Carry-me sleeper can hold up to 20 pounds so all of us at Casa de Noodles can use it from the lightest, Molly, to the heaviest, ME. That is a win win win! It is not specified for airline travel and eye-balling it, I think it is a bit tall. But I never travel by plane so it's okay.

I immediately took a look inside. I FIT!!!! I could TURN AROUND! It is very very comfortable. Molly wanted to try it out but. . . I wouldn't let her, hehheh.

 See how well I fit in there? Now, I was not a fan when Mommy lifted me up. I got a little scared because the bottom is a little soft and I felt like the bottom of the world was leaving me.

Maybe floating through space is a more apt description. Not that I didn't eventually get used to it. I did.

But back to my initial reaction - I loved it. I wanted to just stay there all day and be all mysterious-like. And maybe even do a couple of AMBUSHES at Molly and Sunshine. They deserve it, you know. They are always bullying me OFF of my beds. Look at photo #2. You can tell by my face that I am enjoying the carrier.

The biggest PRE-TEST was the bed function. This was a very important selling point of the carrier. Let's face it - there are a ton of pet carriers to choose from (Gen7Pets has several kinds, as a matter of fact) and they all pretty much get the job done. But the Gen7Pets Carry-Me Sleeper Bag features a bed and that sets it apart.

How would it look? How comfortable would it be? These are questions I set out to answer. Mommy opened the side of the carrier and pulled down the bed. Then she posed me on it. Yes, yes, yes! It is every bit as comfortable as it looks in the photos. But the real proof is in the pudding, Right?

I think the PUDDING SET

This was me the rest of the day until dinner

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

I Think the View From Here is . . .

(Me looking in a Mirror) 
What do you think? Is this my best angle? I think it might be because you can see how slender I am. You can also see how tightly curled my lovely tail is. . . how bright my coat it. . . And let's not forget my PUG PROFILE.

(Me noticing someone is watching)
Huh? Did you say something to me? I was - uh - just - making sure my scarf is on straight!
I don't have a scarf on, you say?
Heheheheheh. . .

Monday, December 4, 2017

There's a HAT for THAT!

Snow's a pilin'
Trees a lightin'
It's that crazy time of year
Sleigh bells ring
Here's the thing
There's a HAT for that

Choirs a singin'
cookies a bakin'
It's time for Christmas cheer
Holiday shoppin'
Cranberries poppin'
There's a HAT for that

Gifts in colorful wrappin'
Ribbon curls snappin'
It's fun doing MOST of the chores
Crisp wind blowin'
Icicles a glowin'
There's a HAT for that

EXCUSE ME!!!! Where is Molly's HAT

Friday, December 1, 2017

Broccoli - The Intruder

Do you see what I see? Not the adorable little Pug Princess in the Red Bed. Nope, I am talking about that GIANT in a red hat! He showed up last week from somewhere (Target) and took over. . . nay, DOMINATED, the 'rent's attention for the LONGEST time ever. That is NOT a smile you see on my face. That was a grimace. I was really, inwardly, shouting "WHATTHA????"

His name is Broccoli after another favorite food of Mommy #1's. He's lucky. He could just as easily have been called Brussels Sprouts or Tofu. But no, he got lucky there. Oh!!! That is what he SHOULD have been called. . . Lucky! Why? Well, he's lucky I didn't shred him, for one. And he's lucky to find such a great home as MINE. Emphasis on MINE.

Broccoli stood in the den for a couple of days, unlit and seemingly forgotten by everyone but Sunshine the Cat who found him fascinating. I would find her down there chatting him up in a way she never chats with me.

On this past Sunday, that all changed. Broccoli disappeared from the den and I could not find him anywhere. So I asked Mommy where he could be and she said he has a new place but is still very much a part of the family. This is his new "room" and his new roommate.

I think this location suits Broccoli very much and he agrees. He BEAMS happiness every night (from 6-11pm). Welcome Broccoli - I think (now) we are gonna be great FURiends.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Another Time

I know you are all familiar with my FAVORITE bed, my Star Trek one. Mommy bought it from PITK (Pugs in the Kitchen) and it is the best. But I am not here to talk about the quality and value this bed represents. Nor about the delicious treats PITK sells. THAT is a post for another time (see sidebar for a link to their store).

Another time. . .  not so long ago at ANOTHER TIME, I wrote a review for about something Sunshine was testing - a Cat Condo by Frisco. I don't know if you DOG PEOPLE are aware of Frisco cat furniture, but it is high quality stuff and this Cat Condo is no exception. It is really nice furniture and THAT SPOILED CAT is very lucky to have one.

It was great, for a TIME. Sunshine spent all of her day in or on the condo and FINALLY, my beds were my own. I could pick and choose, as long as I stayed clear of Molly's new RED BED.

This is Molly muscling me OUT of her red bed

But that was ANOTHER TIME. All bets are off the table now, my FURiends. It seems that wherever Sunshine the Cat wants to sleep, she WILL sleep. And, as a rule, it is somewhere I WANT to sleep.
Which means - MY STAR TREK BED!!!!

I just went outside for a moment to do my bidness and THIS is what I come back into. I am at a loss. Oh, she still uses the Condo (which, I might add, is located NEXT to the heater vent thus HOGGING all of the heat) which is someplace I cannot fit. But when one is least suspecting, she creeps in and PLOPS herself upon any cushion she WANTS.

I don't ask for much . . . just a return of my TREKKIE spot.

Beam me up, Scottie. There must be ANOTHER TIME where she cannot steal my bed.